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This bundle selects the 8 best masterclasses we can offer in the order in which you should consume them, and another masterclass as a gift. You do not have to complete fully one masterclass to move to another:

[Take 4 sessions with Anna if you can]

1. Memory comes first. Use at least PAO and mental palaces. Once you can easily remember 50 objects, move to speedreading.

2. In speedreading, the focus is first on comprehension and reading strategy, and only then on specific skills. You do not need to suppress subvocalization right away. If you can read at 400 wpm, move on.

3. Speedwriting is a form for information processing and long-term retention. It is better than spaced repetitions. If you can keep notes about your reading and a blog with original thoughts, move on.

4. Time management should provide you with time to practice your skills. Learn the tricks and generate at least 2 hours per day for reading. Then move on.

5. Use CBT/NLP to deal with critical psychological issues. Once you stop reading motivational crap and open up to meaningful research, move on.

6. Use critical thinking to deal with filter bubbles and pseudoscience. Once you can filter out real data without trusting the authors blindly, move on.

7. With an investment mindset try to analyze the return on investment of your ideas. Stop trying to learn languages you do not use and count books you read. This is meaningless. Once you understand why, you can move on.

8. Make sure your lifestyle supports learning: food, sleep, work/life balance. If you do not get one of those your learning and productivity will likely suffer.

[Take 4 sessions with Anna if you can]

Now, go back to memory and try to run again through the courses for better results.

1. Memory course: focus on long-term memorization and specific skills you use every day. You may need PAO and mental palace/mindmap hybrids.

2. Speedreading with subvocalization suppression, visual angle. Try to go to 1000 wpm.

3. Binge-watch all the courses and generate your progress plan.

[Take 4 sessions with Anna if you can]

If you feel you need access to further materials and masterclasses, just ask me ([email protected]). I might provide deep discounts.