When I started, there was only one course. Keytostudy minicourse. Only with time, it continued to grow and became more complex. It was in fact too big for one course, and also it was very hard to insist on any order of presentation.

So I added new courses to cover the things I wanted to talk about. This generated a huge network of ideas and techniques.  The way you access this network of materials determines what you eventually learn from me. I estimate that completing all of the stuff I mention properly should take a reasonable person around four years. I provide you with freedom to select which parts of these materials you really need.

This is a basic guide to the courses I offer. You can take just the core courses and be happy with the result. Alternatively, you may subscribe to a specific vertical on knowledge or you may uncover the materials layer by layer from the most basic skills to the advanced ones.

The choice is yours. Before you decide, please listen to how I envisioned the process when creating the courses.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • 1 - Where Do I Start

    • 2 - Coaching

    • 3 - Train With Simulations

    • 4 - Network Of Ideas

    • 5 - A Matrix Of Courses

    • 6 - Iterations

    • 7 - Scientific Backing

    • 8 - Work In Progress

    • 9 - Technique, Environment And Psychology

    • 10 - Verticals

    • 11 - No Regrets

    • 12 - Finding Right Content

    • 13 - Navigating Between Courses

    • 14 - Bonus Materials

    • 15 - Lifestyle And Nootropics

    • 16 - Where Do I Find Time

    • LESSON 17 - Checking The Root Cause

    • LESSON 18 - Tripple Good Or Half Bad

    • LESSON 19 - Aggregate Small Advantages

    • LESSON 20 - Be Consistent

    • LESSON 21 - Visualize The End Result

    • LESSON 22 - Serialized Progress

    • LESSON 23 - Practice Mental Openness

    • LESSON 24 - Combine Procedural And Declarative

    • LESSON 25 - Cross Reference Perspectives

    • LESSON 26 - Shorter Is Harder

    • LESSON 27 - Ownership As Motivation

    • LESSON 28 - Revisit And Reiterate


Senior Instructor

Lev Goldentouch

Dr. Lev Goldentouch, Lifehacker and technology guru.Dr Lev Gold finished PhD in machine learning and information theory when he was 27 years old. Understanding of similarity of machine learning and human super-learning allowed Lev to learn immense amounts of knowledge in many technological and cognitive subjects. Immediately afterwards Lev opened a consulting company, which offers its services to highly skilled individuals, agile startups and technological giants like Samsung. The super-learning tools developed by Lev allow ordinary people to learn x10 speed of their colleagues, and enable machines to solve extremely complex problems. Lev is an active lifehacker, constantly looking for new and better ways to do things, and willing to share his unique knowledge and experience with others.