Course Description

This the shortest and the cheapest course we offer on study skills. We call it a mini-course, yet it is packed with important and useful information. We took some of the most fundamental lectures in other courses and put them in a reasonable chronological order. You can read x3 faster, remember x3 better and improve your focus and visualization x3 using the skills we present in this course. If you want to improve further, understand why the tips in this course work and deal with some less common challenges we recommend buying dedicated courses.

Senior Instructor

Lev Goldentouch

Dr. Lev Goldentouch, Lifehacker and technology guru.Dr Lev Gold finished PhD in machine learning and information theory when he was 27 years old. Understanding of similarity of machine learning and human super-learning allowed Lev to learn immense amounts of knowledge in many technological and cognitive subjects. Immediately afterwards Lev opened a consulting company, which offers its services to highly skilled individuals, agile startups and technological giants like Samsung. The super-learning tools developed by Lev allow ordinary people to learn x10 speed of their colleagues, and enable machines to solve extremely complex problems. Lev is an active lifehacker, constantly looking for new and better ways to do things, and willing to share his unique knowledge and experience with others.

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Examples of useful visualizations

    • A memorable visualization

    • Visualization for texts

    • Training visualization

    • Personal style

    • Visualizations vs markers and anchors

  • 3

    Visual memory

    • Sources of mental imagery

    • Make it special

    • Funny Story

    • Animating the visualization

    • The most useful visualization: PAO (person-action-object)

    • Visualization dictionaries

    • Chunking, linking, mindmaps and memory palaces - from the book

    • Visual memory recap

  • 4

    Long term memory

    • Dual coding

    • The forgetting curve

    • Spaced repetitions

    • Systematic knowledge build-up

    • How to enforce long term memory retention while reading

  • 5

    Read to remember

    • Reading and alternatives

    • Different tactics for different content

    • Read to remember

    • Reading something we disagree with

    • 100% retention reading

  • 6


    • Prereading

    • Peripheral vision and eidetic memory

    • Subvocalization suppression

    • Controlling eye movement

    • Speedreading training - from the book

    • Short term visual memory training - from the book

    • Why speedreading training is difficult

  • 7


    • Reading challenge #1

    • Reading challenge #2

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