Course Description

If you want to triple your output, this is a great place to start from. Do not expect it to be easy.

Doing something fast and being focused is not enough. We need to balance productivity with creativity, reading speed with accuracy, careful control of our actions with dreaming BIG. At the same time, we should be resilient and prevent burnout. 

In this course, I share some strategies which I developed for my own use over decades of a productive career. Now, this can be yours.

I start from speedreading as a focal point and exemplary embodiment of productivity. Then I explain more generic concepts which I use every day. Some things will look very familiar, other things will get anew perspective, and expect occasionally to find some absolutely new ideas: ideas I developed for myself. 

Something as trivial as your sleep, mood and your working environment can have a huge effect on your performance. Not all ideas presented here appear to be equally exciting, but do not ignore even something you find trivial: I learned everything in this course the hard way.

Senior Instructor

Lev Goldentouch

Dr. Lev Goldentouch, Lifehacker and technology guru.Dr Lev Gold finished PhD in machine learning and information theory when he was 27 years old. Understanding of similarity of machine learning and human super-learning allowed Lev to learn immense amounts of knowledge in many technological and cognitive subjects. Immediately afterwards Lev opened a consulting company, which offers its services to highly skilled individuals, agile startups and technological giants like Samsung. The super-learning tools developed by Lev allow ordinary people to learn x10 speed of their colleagues, and enable machines to solve extremely complex problems. Lev is an active lifehacker, constantly looking for new and better ways to do things, and willing to share his unique knowledge and experience with others.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Skimming, Scanning, Slowreading

    • Different Tactics For Different Content

    • Text Structure

    • Reading Atoms And Subvocalization

    • Scanning

    • Visual Association And Markers

    • Peripheral Vision And Eidetic Memory

    • Skimming

    • Metaguiding

    • Web Search

    • Read To Hear

    • Read To Remember

    • Reading Computer Code

    • Train various kinds of reading

  • 3

    Systematic Speedreading

  • 4

    Research And Systematic Creativity

    • The Art Of Asking Questions

    • Socratic Questions

    • Five Whys And Mindmaps

    • Five WH

    • Anna's Questions

    • Cognitive Biases

    • Reading Something We Disagree With

    • Dealing With Biases

    • Systematic Problem Solving

    • Plan-Do-Check-Act

    • Creative Problem Solving

    • Five Thinking Tools

    • Hidden jewel: my creativity reading diary

    • Train creativity

    • Live creatively

  • 5

    Perception Tricks

    • Calibrating Senses

    • Tachistoscope

    • Eidetic Memory

    • Peripheral Vision

    • Optical Illusion

    • Attention To Details

    • Eyes Gymnastics

    • Mixed Senses

    • Practical Guide To Four Screens System

    • Ignoring Noise

    • Sensual Deprivation

    • Training the perception

    • Build a computer station like mine

  • 6

    Reaching Peak Performance

    • Super Fluidity As A Goal

    • Good And Bad Stress

    • Visualize The Goal

    • Prerequisites And Preparations

    • Dry Run

    • Select A Worthy Challenge

    • The Perfect Timing

    • Quick Success

    • Immersion

    • Stay In Flow

    • Clean Up

    • Celebrate And Rest

    • Practice flow

  • 7

    Having More Than 24 Hours A Day

    • Too Many Things Not Enough Time

    • Good And Bad Practice

    • Developing Superior Abilities

    • Getting Help

    • Good And Bad Multitasking

    • Priority Interrupts

    • Task Aggregation

    • Subliminal Work

    • Management Overheads

    • Attitude And Motivation

    • Subjective Time Tricks

    • Get A Life And Be There

    • Crisis Management

    • Unseen Stresses

    • Multitasking Matrix

    • Handling Emotions

    • Values Vs Goals

    • Your Environment

    • Train multitasking

    • Build your own multitasking matrix

  • 8

    Grit, Perseverance, And Smart Habits

    • Putting It All Together

    • Disoriented By Juggling

    • Training Context Switching

    • Too Much Self Talk

    • Willpower

    • Grit

    • Perseverance

    • Giving Up

    • Four Types Of People

    • Smart Habits

    • Laws Of Training

    • Happiness

    • Organize your life

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