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Lev Goldentouch
Lev Goldentouch
Senior Instructor

About the Instructor

Dr. Lev Goldentouch, Lifehacker and technology guru.

Dr Lev Gold finished PhD in machine learning and information theory when he was 27 years old. Understanding of similarity of machine learning and human super-learning allowed Lev to learn immense amounts of knowledge in many technological and cognitive subjects. Immediately afterwards Lev opened a consulting company, which offers its services to highly skilled individuals, agile startups and technological giants like Samsung. The super-learning tools developed by Lev allow ordinary people to learn x10 speed of their colleagues, and enable machines to solve extremely complex problems. Lev is an active lifehacker, constantly looking for new and better ways to do things, and willing to share his unique knowledge and experience with others.

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The Key to Study Skills is a guide for simple strategies to Double Your Reading, Memory, and Focus. Written by the creators of the #1 bestselling course "Become a superlearner" and a book with the same name, the book includes everything you need to read 1000 words per minute and remember almost everything you read. At this speed would let you read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in just 77 minutes. The Bible would still take 13 hours...

In today’s information-driven society, effective learning is the key to a successful career and a happy life. As the demands on our learning capabilities continue to grow and outpace our old learning methodologies, there becomes an ever more pressing need for advanced memorization methods, speed reading skills, and analytical thinking to multiply our learning and creative potential. Similarly, we can use these same techniques to overcome both perceived and diagnosed limitations to our learning skill-set.

The skillset taught by this book is intended for everyone. The students who suffer from dyslexia, ADHD or other learning disorder acquire the speed reading skill and report improved focus, joy from learning and increased focus.

For the last decade, learning enthusiasts Anna and Lev Goldentouch have taught thousands of students, culminating in the blockbuster course created in collaboration with one of their star students: Become a SuperLearner. Every challenging student question and every difficulty encountered through thousands of hours of research has been crystallized into this book.

Join Lev and Anna in a fascinating quest to discover the key to study skills, memory mastery, and supercharged reading

Course Contents

3 Texts
2 PDFs
62 Audios
11.0 hrs